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    全程EMC技術支持 ESD防護器件制造商






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    Shenzhen Dike Technology Co., Ltd

    Shenzhen Dike Technology Co., Ltd. adheres to the service philosophy of "hearing the words of a hundred companies, conveying the meaning of a hundred companies, solving the doubts of a hundred companies, and forming the bond of a hundred companies". With a team of experienced technicians, we aim to improve the EMC design level of electronic products, drive the transformation of product EMC design ideas, and take it as our responsibility to promote China's electronic products to go global! To shape the Debug technology brand.

    Shenzhen Dike Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Bao'an District, Shenzhen. It is a high-tech enterprise that independently develops and sells integrated electronic protection components, as well as provides EMC design and technical support. It has multiple technology invention patents. The company's main products include EMC modification design components such as TVS/ESD, LDO, filters, magnetic beads, magnetic rings, inductors, etc; The company has obtained agency authorization from well-known semiconductor enterprises both domestically and internationally, and has its own OEM packaging and testing factory; The company's customer base mainly covers energy storage new energy, automotive multimedia, medical equipment, security monitoring equipment, military and other fields such as electronics, electrical appliances, communication, computers, audio, and so on.

    DEBUG technology will develop steadily with high quality, low cost, and excellent service.

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